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"Asked how she avoided some of the all too typical pitfalls of child stardom to become a serious, two-time Emmy-nominated actor, [Keri] Russell chalked it up to the unique environment of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club."


"MMC was the most informative experience I’ve ever had as an entertainer.”

- Justin Timberlake (Mouseketeer)

The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club premieres

Filmed at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club debuted in 1989 on the Disney Channel. Much more than a variety show, it promoted important social causes such as diversity & inclusion and concern for the environment, and as a performing arts academy, trained some of the biggest stars of the modern era.


Cast members have gone on to play a pivotal role in shaping the last 30 years of popular culture with critically acclaimed and wildly successful projects across music, film, television and theater... and they're still making an impact today.

“What an incredible honor it has been representing one of Walt's passion projects. The show helped in raising us to be socially conscious and gave us the ultimate gift of the exposure to each other's beliefs, skills, and backgrounds to learn, grow and build upon."


- Chasen Hampton (Mouseketeer, member of The Party)

The cast of The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club was Tiffini Hale, Chase Hampton, Albert JeunePierre Fields, Deedee Magno Hall, Damon Pampolina (who all became The Party), and Joshua Ackerman, Lindsey Alley, Jennifer McGill, Brandy Brown Pendelton, Raquel Herring, Braden Danner, David Kater, Kevin Osgood, Ricky Luna, Ilana Miller, Marc Worden, Mylin Brooks-Stoddard, Jason Minor, En Vogue’s Rhona Bennett, Nita (Booth) Young, JC Chasez, Dale Godboldo, Tony Lucca, Matt Morris, Keri Russell, Jason ‘Blain’ Carson, Tasha Danner, Terra McNair Deva, Christina Aguilera, Nikki DeLoach, TJ Fantini, Ryan Gosling, Marque 'Tate' Lynch, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and hosts Fred Newman, Mowava Pryor, and Terri Eoff.

2024 Marks the 35th anniversary of the premiere episode! 

Song Credit:

"All Over The World" by Furry Phreaks with Terra Deva (Mouseketeer)


Season 1 Cast of Mickey Mouse Club
Season 3 Cast of Mickey Mouse Club
25 Year Anniversary of Original 50s Cast of Mickey Mouse Club with the 90s 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club

Formed from cast members of The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club, 90’s pop group The Party launched Disney's Hollywood Records and released 4 albums with tracks by Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams, Teddy Riley, André Cymone, Stephen Bray & Jellybean Benitez.

For the 30th anniversary, Hollywood Records recently released The Party catalogue to digital platforms and hit the top 10 on iTunes

The Party


The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club ran for seven seasons on the Disney Channel, and along with shows like Kids Incorporated, launched the network into the mega platform that it is today.

Season 5 Cast of Mickey Mouse Club
Season 7 Cast of Mickey Mouse Club
MMC Album on Walt Disney Records

Album Released

On Walt Disney Records


"We Are Family" by MMC

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For a deep dive throwback on all things 90s Mickey Mouse Club, visit YouTube @MMCChannel and IG @MMC_Daily

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